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Day 06 The crew takes on a passenger to visit Haspis 3, and to salvage the twenty-five-year-old Veskarum wreck Vengeance. Haspis 3 is mostly marshy, with volcanos.

Upon reaching planet, with no place safe to land, Ash drops out of the ship off a rope, and the wildlife begins their assault.

The crew drops down to the planet surface, picks up Ash, and battles a few centipedes, which seem to be attracted to noise or vibrations. They enter the ship, fight a few more centipedes, and manage to find some useful tools in the holds and crew quarters that remained sealed.

The crew managed to find a sealed cache of more weapons and armor than they could carry. Unfortunately, the Please Don't Shoot Us did not respond to their hails....
Day 07 The crew spends the night attempting to rest in a fairly safe area on the Vengeance. They endured tectonic shifts or volcanic eruptions during the night.

In the morning, our heroes headed northwest through the swamp, swimming when dry ground was non-existent, cataloging new creatures. Widget scouted overhead, but none of the group were able to contact their ship.
Day 08 The crew slogs on until nightfall. The days are sixteen hours long, but they camp for the night, and later wake to attacks of a swarm of... somethings that suck blood. They continue on to the northwest, eventually stopping near some hot springs.

They still cannot hail the ship.
Day 09 Widget attempts to convince the crew that they are walking in the wrong direction. Apparently no one had been listening to him. The party is rescued by a race of tortoise people and taken back to their village, where they find Brock, I-9, and the last remaining crewman of the Vengeance.
Day 10 The crew spends the night with the telia in their village, and hear stories of how the last Skyknights fought a dragon that had been menacing the village, and all died other than Sprocket. They also mention that there appears to be a new black dragon that needs vanquished (which just happened to take out the Please Don't Shoot Us's comms with its acid breath). The crew follows Sprocket's directions to the two remaining Rip Claw suits he fixed, and then on to the black dragon's lair.

The new Skyknights slew the black dragon, which turned out to be more than a mere dragon. They found a strange sealed box and returned to the village with it.
Day 11 The crew visited the village one last time, opened the strange box, then fixed the Please Don't Shoot Us. They were taking off to return to Absalom Station, but as they left, they caught a strange signal coming from inside a volcano....

While the crew managed to get down to the rim of the volcano and saw doors, once the doors open, a trap is set off and the party barely makes it back to the Please Don't Shoot Us with a few seconds to spare. They prepare the ship for Drift Space and leave Haspis 3.
Day 17 The Please Don't Shoot Us arrives at Absalom Station where thr crew plans to get the ship overhauled. After talking to various embassies, they take the mystery box to the Click-Clack Club, where the owner will find a courier to take the box the Triaxian embassy anonymously.
Day 18 The crew learns that there was a rumor that the PDSU was destroyed and floating in the Drift. Worse, they found the their Steward ally went in search of the wreck and has not been heard from since. The PDSU is being worked on and is not ready to fly, so the crew joins the crew of a Steward ship to help find him.
Day 24 The Arbitor docked beside the wreck of the Please Don't Shoot Us, and learn that the ship was destroyed at least four years in the future. They find I-9 fused to a wall in the corridor, and "future" Widget tangled up (and very much aware) in cables in engineering. No sign of any crew, no sign of the missing Steward.
Day 31 After learning more from future Widget and logs taken from the future Please Don't Shoot Us, as well as a degraded transmission from Venn himself, the combined crews set a course for Osiris Station.

Upon arrival, the crews of the Arbitor decided to use passive scans to locate Osiris Station in the asteroid belt.