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Day 12 A sudden meeting. A vesk and an ysoki walk into a bar... and then get called by their lashunta friend for a job finding a woman who disappeared on her way to work. Absalom Station is a big place, so they agree to work with some male pahtra to find her. After following the few clues that station cameras provide of her ride to work in a cab, they find the stripped down cab, but no woman in it.

Later, the group finds themselves playing a ysoki shell game for information, visiting a bar filled with androids and augments (including the kidnappers), and then... waiting.

That evening, the party meets up with the kidnappers at the bar, who claimed to have been escorting the lady, who was "willingly" disappearing. The presumed kidnappers seemed sincere, and suggested talking to some gang members from Level 21, who had been leaving as just as the would-be heroes were entering.
Day 13 After meeting with the "kidnappers" on Level 21, our heroes realize that the fiance that hired them may be unaware that his wife-to-be was willingly kidnapped to get off Absalom Station (her job being the prime reason for her departure). The party decides they would like to help her out, and are given the amazing opportunity to get her off the station in style. After learning that the group can man a star ship, they are shown to a light freighter call the Astral Queen to plan for their departure to Akiton.

Later, our heroes (sans cat, who stays with the ship) return to Level 21 to take Felicia Sylinus to the light freighter. In spite of taking a very careful route through maintenance tunnels, upon arrival, the group is fired upon by five people dressed in standard Absalom employee overalls. The party eventually shoots their way through all of them and gets their rescuee to the ship, only to find the pahtra unconscious. They quickly take off, only to be shot at by a ship following them off the station.
Day 14 Ash finally woke up from his accidental nap, and the crew of the Astral Queen were able to fend off the interceptor following them off Absalom Station, and set a course for Akiton. While they travelled, Ash and Rae were able to change the ship's transponders to rename it LARS LLC Rambler, and the crew discussed disguises. It's believed that no on on Akiton will really care what they look like, anyway.
Day 15 The Rambler has some issues with losing power in the starboard engine. Upon examination, the crew in engineering found that the cables had been cut. But, not neatly, more like chewed on. The group did a check of the rest of the ship, finding more cables cut, and Rae found a door ajar in one of the empty cargo holds. An empty eggshell was found on the other side of the hatch. Lexx recalled something similar and figured out it was done by a creature called an electrovore.

Not good.
Day 16 The crew sat dead in space for 18 hours while trying to trick the electrovore into starving enough to eat some fully-charged batteries. The creature chose to wait and dine after the power was restored to the ship and the crew had wandered off to bed. Rae did manage to convince Ash not to purge the ship of all oxygen and environment prior to the "tricking."
Day 17 Ash suggested that the crew again don environment suits and reset the battery trap, then turned off all power to the ship again. Widget, pretending to be a newly-install ceiling fan, was to be the only one left in the room, and the crew assumed Widget would then shoot the creature if it came in for the snack.

The creature waited until the power was restored, then went to chew on the power core. Widget chased it through some of the ship's innards, wounding it, and then needing rescued himself. Sresaka yanked some panels off a wall the creature was chewing its way through, wounding it.

Eventually, the party met up in engineering and took turns attacking electrovore until it disappeared from view. After no new power drains or malfunctions occurred, Widget found the electrovore's corpse at the bottom of a power conduit.
Day 19 Our heroes safely land on Akiton and return the cargo to her brother, who is so pleased that he gives them 2000 credits. They collect some parts for the Rambler's overhaul, and then get offered a new job to go check on an old enemy, with plans to check out a ship graveyard in Khefak Depot.

Later, the crew is resupplied and off to Khefak Depot. They make sure to fly over the Aries compound and are asked to change course immediately so as not to be show down. They do so.

Even later, they arrive at Khefak Depot, where the engineer's "Cousin Rennie" is working. He promises to repaint the ship with their new name "Rambler" on it, and sends them off into the starship graveyard with an ysoki guide called Sami.

The group, with six ysoki and a flatbed vehicle, head out into the graveyard to a ship that they hope will have all of the components they need for their upgrade. While Sresaka and Rae headed inside, Lexx stayed on the truck with two ysoki. The group inside encountered six khefaks inside. They determined that the creatures headed toward loud sounds, so radioed Lexx, who threw a few grenades for the khefaks to chase, and eventually all were dispatched.
Day 20 The ysoki are helping to install the items found for the Rambler, and the party spent a restful evening it the port. After breakfast, the party rejoined the group of ysoki to get the last part they were looking for, and were once again attacked by khefaks. They killed the vermin, but unfortunately, one of the ysoki mechanics was killed during the skirmish.

Later, Sresaka, Widget, and Rae go inside the ship they'd found their garbage ejector on, and found a room with a sealed door. Inside, they found a body, and then had to fight their way out of another group of khefaks.

Later, the crew heads to the local bar/casino for a chance to get a "job" from the only elf in the area who has a lot of connections. Caledon (the elf) gives them a shipment to deliver that happens to be going to that place further south that threatened them on the way to the station. If it goes well, they'll get 1000 credits for our chance to visit the compound, in addition to whatever the group down south pays for info on the area. While this is happening, the crew keeps hearing small cheers from the casino area, as Lexx thought it would be humorous to give Widget some credits to gamble with.
Day 22 The day starts out pleasant enough. The crew spends the night sleeping on the Rambler as usual. They soon get a warning that a Steward has landed at the other end of Khefak Depot. Lexx and Ash are in the wind immediately, leaving the rest of the crew to meet the steward. Apparently there is an issue with an Eoxian Corpse Fleet in the area.
Day 24 Another night at Khefak Depot without issue. The party does, however, learn that a group of ysoki had gone out many hours ago and had not returned. Upon investigation, the crew finds their abandoned truck, with two dead ysoki beside it, along with dead khefak. The ship they were getting parts from remains intact, and they can hear another three ysoki inside of it. It appears they were attacked by a rivener.

The party snuck inside the old ship, and with some amazing shooting, managed to kill the rivener and help the trapped ysoki get to safety.
Day 26 The crew rests at Khefek Depot for another two days while the ship gets finished with upgrades. They see a few ships come and go, including a shuttle from a company called Veritech. When the ship is ready, they are supplied with two men and cargo to head for the Aries facility.

When they arrive, the facility appears to be mostly destroyed-- and there are no power signals or trespassing warnings when they get close.

The crew determine that six people are missing from the facility, and that Eoxians took out the defenses, and presumably, the staff. Later, they come across a buried necroglider, but cannot dig it out to see if the pilot is inside.

Later, the crew grab some available Ysoki from the depot and head back to forest to try to excavate glider. They find tire tracks towards it, so head back to Aries facility to grab files from the computers in the compound, and find some goblins have beaten them to the main office building. Firefight ensues.

The party manages to defeat seven of eight goblins, but the last one gets away with the computer core. Meanwhile, the crew must fight past the doors of the Rambler, as a botched computer security "upgrade" prevents them from getting inside. They succeed just as a bad dust storm fills the area.
Day 28 The crew of the Rambler limp back into Khefak Depot. They have decided to upgrade their computer, since it is need of fixing anyway, as well as a bit more armor and longer ranged sensors.