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Day 03 After three days, the crews found Osiris Station, and floated through asteroids until the Arbitor was close enough to allow ship to station travel. Three Corpse fleet vessels and Venn's own ship were docked on the station. The crew of the Arbitor stayed on their ship, while the crew of the Please Don't Shoot Us set charges at key points on the station.

They went into the station through the least likely used entrance, only to bump into a ghoul....

Who joined them fighting four Corpse Fleet soldiers in Engineering. And then they fought a few more in the next room. And finally, in the last area of the station, they fought the few remaining Corpse Fleet soldiers and staff, gaining one more friendly ghoul and four of the crew of Venn's ship, including Venn himself.

The crew managed to get them all onto the Arbitor before the asteroid blew. Future Widget had wired himself in to make sure the asteroid was destroyed this time around.
Day 04 The crew was back on Absalom Staion long enough to get their ship ready to depart for a new assignment in the recently discovered Vakpod system. AbidarCorp. found a sentient species of empathic sponge creatures on a water world, but could not get diplomats to the planet safely. The PDSU is to take two Brenneri diplomats in statis to that planet.
Day 05 Please Don't Shoot Us departs for the Vakpod system, escorting AbidarCorp's Resolute freighter Corona, and two Brenneri diplomats in stasis.
Day 08 The Please Don't Shoot Us sensors pick up something nearly out of sensor range in Drift Space, and eventually ends up in a battle of sorts while the Corona journeys on through the Drift.
Day 12 The ship arrives at Vakpod Station. The crew wake up the Brenneri diplomats Aida and Atta, and tell them that they are new engineering crew if asked. In addition to the Please Don't Shoot Us, there are two Vesk, two Azlanti, and a Sovyrian Pact ship docked at the station.

After safely arriving on the planet, the crew have a brief tour of the floating city, aka Vakpod downport, where they meet several embassadors and are guests at a banquet.
Day 13 The crew has a night without incidents, but find the Brenneri unconscious early on. Sresaka and Ash take them to the port medical facility, while Lexx, Rae, and Widget act as diplomats for a day. During their attempt to visit the kelp beds, A vesk diplomat stops breathing due to a malfunction in a diving suit and they return to the downport while providing aid.

As our crew rush to rescue the vesk diplomat, an explosion is heard on the landing pad. They rush to find the Atlanti's shuttle has been destroyed, taking the pilot with it. Widget is tasked with watching all the video for that area and sees Ash, who has been with the crew the entire visit to the planet, coming and going from the planet to the station. Contacting their ship, they learn that the AIs had been stuck doing routine diagnostics and as a result, do not know what the imposter was doing on the ship. Other than stealing a rifle the real Ash didn't take off the ship. They also discover learn the head chef's body has been found in a kitchen freezer.

The crew spent much of the rest of the day reviewing security footage. At one point they found the head of the lower port sneaking around the docks and then the warehouses, but recalled he had been with them at the time shown on the footage.
Day 14 The crew of the PDSU continues to review footage of the doppelganger and/or the victims, trying to build a timeline. As Lexx fights the doppelganger near the station living quarters, Ash has to find and diffuse three cargo boxes attached to remote detonators that Rae "felt" were in the warehouse. The doppelganger gets away by oozing down a drain.
Day 15 Rae takes residue samples to the med bay to determine the species of the shapeshifter, while reports from waste processing indicate there was an open valve the creature may have used to get on or off Vakpod Downport.
Day 16 The PDSU crew continues to search for ways to track the doppelganger, and try to figure out more about how it came to be. There may also have been some welding of knives onto mop handles.

Later, the crew builds a signal jammer and uses it to turn goo into a finger. One of the Brenneri, Aida, wakes up.

Later still, a group of engineers are attempting to make their own signal jammers, and a body is found in waste processing. As the crew puts pieces together, the city/station suddenly shifts....

The crew raced down to the part of engineering for the gravatic anchors in time to see the doppelganger using an industrial welder to cut through the wiring for the anchors. They surprised him, and thankfully, by the time security and the city/station engineers arrived, the crew was collection samples from a puddle of goo.

Later, the crew makes their way to the med bay and learn that Atta is awake and alert. They are using a signal jammer to test the goop they skimmed off of the doppelganger puddle when they are informed that their ship has left the Vakpod station and I9 is under arrest for attempted to steal a shuttle.
Day 17 Bombs, bots, and bounty hunters.

I-9's situation is revealed, and the crew discover at least one more doppelganger on Vakpod's city, disguised as an Ysoki submersible operator.
Day 18 The crew got some sleep, the Vakpod downport shuttle landing area got repaired, and one more doppelganger was killed by security using the new jamming device. All personnel capable of building jammers are doing so.

And then a shuttle went down to Vakpod containing more diplomats and I-9.

The crew then found a doppelganger in the cargo warehouse, disguised as a skittermander, with Ash's stolen weapon. Rae fixed I-9.
Day 19 Ash figures out where the doppelgangers might have a hideout near the southern pole. Bounty hunters, hired by Widget, arrive via shuttle. The crew decides to follow the VLF Ash found via submarine, and the combined crews discover what happened to the last submarine to depart Vakpod city, but not its crew.
Day 20 The Orca continued on course, combing through logs and a tablet from the crew on the Nautilus, while trying to figure out where the missing crew went. The lights flickered. Most of the missing crew of the Nautilus appeared on the Orca, in more or less the positions they'd been at on their ship two days prior. Some had vague recollections of grey creatures with bulbous eyes.
Day 24 The crew on the submarine are told an unknown vessel was seen leaving the planet surface. The Celi do not want the underwater ruins to be disturbed, so the submarine returns to the city. The PDSU crew are met by Venn's Resolve, and take the offered ride back to Absalom Station.
Day 26 The trip back to Absalom Station takes two days.

Ironically, the PDSU gets there first. Without Brock and much of the needed computer programming.
Day 29 The PDSU heads to coordinates I-9 has provided. The ship arrives at the destination after three days, encountering a gravity well and what appears to be pockets of space/time to navigate around. The ship is attacked by a small vessel that disappears. The crew eventually find a station to land in, and discover the PDSU and the bounty hunter vessel are both parked there. No life signs, but the ship keeps trying to create some....

The crew eventually lets the powers that be bring in the PDSU. No one living is present, but they search and find more information about the possible dwarven inhabitants, and find a mining ship, Mithral 7, from the Diaspora belt. The system they are in is dubbed Ah Ta Ree.

The crew finds themselves in a grisly lab. Three exam tables have remains on them, and four tubes contain what looks like the missing Orca crew. The PDSU crew are soon fighting round combat drones.
Day 30 The crew aim towards what is most likely a control room, fighting one more attack drone outside and then two more inside.

The crew eventually get into the Station control room's controls, only to realize Brock is being held captive in one of the orbiting mining ships.